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6 Incredibly Sweet Gift Ideas

Looking for a really sweet gift for a girlfriend or that special woman in your life, but do not want to add any calories to her diet? Throw out the cupcakes and chocolates and try these gifts that may just be sweeter than candy.

1.     Petit Bon Bon Fragrances from Bond No.9 New York

They are gorgeous to look at and almost make you want to eat one! Bond No.9’s chic and sleek perfume spray vials are individually wrapped in their signature colourful foils and are about the nicest smelling things you’ve ever laid eyes on.

Petit Bon Bons

Petit bon bon fragrances

Get a full Bon Bon Box with 18 delicious scents or a Mini Bon Bon Box with 9 scents or just grab a handful of their sample sized petit bon bons (shown in pic) which you can get free from Bond No.9 stores or purchase additional with any online purchase.

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June 3, 2011 at 9:59 pm 2 comments

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