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Kate’s off to Bloomie’s!

Kate’s off to the Bloomingdale’s home store in the famous Dubai Mall, near the iconic Burj Khalifa (Khalifa Tower – tallest building in the world), to visit the first and only Bloomingdale’s store outside of the United States!

What I love about the Bloomingdale’s home store in Dubai Mall is it’s not another upscale home store that sells modern, beautiful and overpriced items. Walking through the store is an experience in itself. There is a blend of chic, sophistication, character and quirkiness to it.

Amidst the sleek designer kitchenware, fine crystal and Ralph Lauren tableware, I found lovely retro-inspired tin biscuit boxes, Parisian-style fragranced soap bars and scented candles, wood decorations that reminded me of crafts from Prague markets and furniture pieces and collectibles that looked like they had at one time belonged somewhere in south east Asia. Not to forget a good dose of New York memorabilia, souvenirs and stationery.

Bloomingdales Home

Entrance to Bloomingdale's Home

From its posh environment and absence of shopping baskets (yes, there are none, because the staff will actually take whatever you wish to purchase to the checkout counter for you as you shop), you might think that things here are expensive but surprisingly I found so many items that are pretty, thoughtful and inexpensive. (more…)


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